Body Waxing


  • First and foremost, your hair should be  at least 1/4 inch in length (think grain of rice).  Typically  it takes about two weeks after shaving to get to the correct length.  If hair is too long, it can make waxing more painful. If hair is too short, wax may not be able to properly remove all hair. 

  • If possible, take a shower just prior to your appointment. Hot water opens pores and allows hair to come out easy, making it less painful for you.

  • Some clients experience a slight irritation after waxing, lasting anywhere between  few minutes to a day, depending on skin sensitivity.


  • Users of Retin-A, Renova, Differin, or Accutane are advised not to wax, as these medications tend to weaken the skin and tearing may occur when wax is removed.

  • Do not wax open sores, new scars, varicose veins, raised moles, or mucus membranes. Waxing should not be performed on areas of skin affected by warts, moles, or rashes, or on skin that is irritated, chapped, or suffering from sunburn.

  • Ladies: If you wax when you are on your period, not only you are more tender, hormones make your hair more coarse, causing the wax to break the hairs rather than pull them out. Avoid waxing within two days of the beginning or end of your period.

  • Don’t apply any products to your skin for several hours before waxing.

  • If you bleed, bruise, or have skin that tears easily, waxing may not be the ideal form of hair removal for you. Some physicians do not recommend waxing for persons suffering from diabetes or who have varicose veins or poor circulation, as they are more susceptible to infections. Check with your doctor first if you have a health condition.

  • Do not go into a hot tub, pool, or any body of water right after waxing, especially if you received a bikini wax. Heat, chlorine, and salt may irritate, sting, and feel uncomfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does waxing hurt?

This is the most frequently asked question. For most people, the first visit is the most uncomfortable due to the anticipation of the new service.  During the first visit, will be removing the most amount of hair, but with repeat visits, the amount of hair regrowth is less, and the discomfort is greatly diminished.  

What type of wax do we use?

We use only professional waxes in both soft and hard wax form. 


Our hard wax is the top choice for all areas of the body, including brazilian/bikini and other sensitive areas of the body. our hard wax is a strip-less wax that vacuum seals around the hair, which is why it's best for clients with sensitive skin or delicate areas of the body.

Our soft wax is made to be used with muslin or paper strips, and best for fine and medium hair that requires a extra gentle treatment. 

What is a Brazilian wax?

It is the complete removal of all pubic hair, front and back. You can decide to leave some hair or remove it completely.  The entire service should take no more than 20 minutes. 


Can I get a Brazilian wax while on my menstrual cycle or pregnant?

Yes, however it is important for you know that during your cycle, the area can be much more sensitive, making the service less comfortable for you. We do require that you wear a tampon during the service. 

Many people get waxed during their pregnancy, however we recommend that you check with your physician before your visit.