Classic Lashes

A method of application in which the lash artist applies ONE extension to ONE natural lash in a 1:1 ration.  Classic lashes provide the most natural look.


This is a beautiful style that is perfect for those with may already have a lot of lashes, but want to add length and thickness. Extensions are waterproof, and give the appearance of having mascara on without the messy clumps. 


Eyelash Extensions remain on for approximately 3-4 weeks with their natural growth and shedding cycle.  To Keep lashes full, plan on coming in for a fill every 2-3 weeks. 

If you have never had extensions, this style is the perfect introduction.  

Full sets and Fill pricing is listed on the booking link




Volume Lashes

A method of application in which multiple lashes in the form of a "fan" are applied to one single natural lash. Each volume fan is created by the artist and applied at the time of service, allowing for styling preferences.


Unlike Classic lashes, Volume extensions are significantly lighter lashes.  

 Volume lashes are prefect for most clients.  Clients who don't have a lot of lashes,  or  bald spots will greatly benefit from volume lashes because it will provide a more dramatic or fuller look without causing damage to your natural lashes. 


Volume is also great for those who have a lot of lashes and are healthy but want a very dramatic look. 

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes is simply the combination of both classic and volume lashing methods.  

 This particular technique results in an extraordinary rich dark volume set of lashes.


This is a great option for most clients.  If your natural lashes are not very thick, Hybrid Lashes will help achieve a fuller look to fill in any empty gaps. 


Classic lashes can make low density natural lashes look more sparse. Mixing two techniques together to deliver a unique "falsie" finish.


Prepping for Your Appointment

Prepping for your appointment:

We want your lashes to last as long as possible, follow these instructions to make sure you get the best wear out of your lovely lashes.

Before your appointment:
-Stop wearing waterproof mascara three days prior to your appointment. Waterproof mascara will leave a residue that prevents the glue from adhering.
-Shower before your appointment and come with no eye makeup on. It is necessary that you have clean lashes for us to work on.
-Do not put oils, eye creams or any lotion near your eyes.
-Make sure to tell your lash artist of any known allergies you are aware of.
-Do not have caffeine the day of your appointment.
-Use the restroom before laying down for your service to ensure you're comfortable for the duration of your service. 

During your appointment:
-Keep your eyes closed.
-Let us know if you experience any burning or itching.

After your appointment:
-Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours.
-Stay away from heat and steam for the first 24 hours.
-Use your lash wand to gently brush through your lashes daily.
-Use a silk pillowcase and do not sleep on your face.
-Do not use mascara.
-Please do not touch or pick your lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are synthetic fibers that are attached to the natural lashes using medical grade adhesive. The extensions applied come in a variety of curls, lengths and styles to suit your desired result.  With proper placement, lash extensions can make the eyes appear bigger, lifted, natural or very bold.  


Will it damage my natural lashes?

One of the things that makes Lash Envy Boise different is that we care about the health of your natural lashes as much as we care about the over aesthetic of your lashes. If we notice some lash stress, we will let our guest know and make adjustments to preserve the integrity of your lashes.   We also only use professional grade adhesive that never comes in contact with your skin. Synthetic eyelashes adhere about 1mm away from your skin.

How long will my lashes last? 
With proper care, lash extensions should last between four and  six weeks before all the extensions shed.

Can I wear mascara with my extensions?

Most of our clients no longer need mascara once they get our lashes.  Mascara adds weight to the extensions which can make lashes fall out prematurely.  Mascara can be worn on the bottom lashes as normal 

What about makeup?

Yes, you can wear makeup however, we strongly advice against pencil or waterproof eyeliner as it is difficult to remove and contain glycerin that can breakdown the adhesive. We recommend using eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner.  

Can I wear contacts?

Yes, you may wear your contact lenses, however  we recommend that you remove them for the duration of your service. 

How many lashes do you put on?
We try to put on between 90-150 lashes on per eye. Some people have fewer lashes, and some of guest have a lot more.  We do not count lashes or put any limits on the number of extensions we apply.  Our goal is to get 100% coverage at every appointment. 

How do I take care of my new eyelash extensions? 

  • Avoid getting lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours

  • Avoid hot steam or sauna within the first 48 hours.

  • Use Lash Lather cleanser to remove any eye makeup and cleanse the lashes.

  • Do not perm eyelashes or manually curl.

  • Brush dry lashes with a clean mascara wand daily. Remember to brush from the middle of the lash to tip.